ICWME  2013
26th - 27th August 2013

International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Environment 2013

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Malaysian Society of Waste Management and Environment (MSWME) is organizing the ICWME 2013 in partnership with Society of Solid Waste Management Expert in Asia and the Pacific Islands (SWAPI).

Anthropogenic activities due to economic advancement, rapid urbanization and urban migration have increased waste generation concomitantly. With the deterioration of our immediate environment due to improper and inadequate waste treatment and disposal, the challenges to sustainable waste management are mounting. Most private and government agencies/authorities, especially in fast developing nations, face the task of waste control, disposal and regulations.  Hence, the aim of this conference is to share and develop knowledge experience and collaboration in the field of waste management and environment to better understand waste management technologies and concepts for a greener future.

Conference Themes

Waste management technologies
Green partnership in waste management
Waste and global warming
Industrial waste and cleaner technology
Biomass Management
Case studies in waste management

Conference Detail

Date: 26th & 27th August 2013
Venue: Lecture Hall Complex, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya

Why you should be there:
  • Access unique and high-quality content
  • Inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary character of the conference.
  • World class speakers and leading researchers on all aspects of waste  management and environment.
  • State of the art techniques/technologies.
  •  Networking with academics and industrial experts.